Dishcrawl San Diego Heads To South Park

Dishcrawl San Diego is hitting the town again with their fun food concept.  After successful crawls in Little Italy and La Jolla, the foodie group is crawling a bit more south this time round.  Set for August 6th at 7pm, the South Park tickets are going fast with repeat Dishcrawlers.

Many people know that North Park has some solid powerhouses with carefully curated boutiques, hipster bars, and farm to table eats.  However, its little brother South Park is also an up and coming neighborhood and is the spotlight for this Dishcrawl San Diego event.

For those new to the Dishcrawl concept, there will be four food places to dine at.  A clue to the first mystery stop will be given closer to the event day.  Dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or gluten-free can be accommodated.  Be sure to notate any needs when booking.  Dishcrawlers not only get to sample signature dishes but will also receive the insider foodie scoops from the owners, chefs or general managers.

While drinks are not included in the ticket price, the fun of meeting new faces is.  Going solo is not an issue as you may find yourself trading business cards or adding in new Facebook friends by the end of the night.  Have fun and get social with another great event with Dishcrawl San Diego in South Park.


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