Gluten-free & Health Reads

Good Reads

Travel Gluten-free:

1. Gluten-free at Disney Land! An amazing Pinterest board


1. Are you low in magnesium? If so, hit up oyster happy hour and polish off some dark chocolate.  Here is a simple and affordable test even if you don’t have insurance.

2. If you think you suffer from food allergies, definitely read this article about a 30 day elimination diet.
3. August 2013 National Geographic on sugar
National Geographic

National Geographic


Dr Schulze’s 5 Day Kidney Cleanse (unedited)

If you need a pdf of the excel sheet that I used, just email me.  It makes it easy to follow this cleanse.

Liver flush

There are so many versions out there but this was the most helpful one I did and what to expect.

Got some suggested reads?  Please share!


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