Dishcrawl San Diego hits it out of South Park

Dishcrawl San Diego gathered up a group of foodies together last night and hunted through neighborhood gems in South Park.  The successful social event was filled with bloggers, food lovers, repeat Dishcrawlers, and newcomers eager to hear insider information from restaurant owners and to sample their signature dishes.

The evening started off at Alchemy where sustainable food and whimsical cocktails come together.  The mini tastings included a spicy gazpacho, a pork belly taro taco, and fried pickles.  Diners could also order their creative libation called the Magical Berry that alters your taste buds for 20 minutes.  The natural berry causes sour items like a lemon wedge to taste surprisingly sweet.  The second stop was across the street at Buona Forchetta where Dishcrawlers shared a family style Italian feast. Standouts included the calamari, the flavor packed meatballs, and the prosciutto with truffle oil signature thin crust pizza.

A welcomed quick walk to the sister establishment to Buona Forchetta was at Piacere Mio.  The third stop was a refreshing tasting of rich Italian gelato and cookie sandwiches.  The sweet adventure continued onward to Eclipse Chocolate where Dishcrawlers sampled an array of delectable desserts.  Highlights included handcrafted lavender truffles and melt in your mouth pecan with caramel brownies.  It’s no wonder that they were awarded the silver folk award from San Diego Home and Garden Magazine.

Outside the obvious gluttony, the real treat of a Dishcrawl event is meeting the restaurant owners and to hear how passionate they are about their food as well as mingling with other fellow foodies. South Park marks yet another successful evening for San Diego ambassador Lindsay Marks who is already planning on a downtown venture and going back to heavy hitter Little Italy for future events with Dishcrawl San Diego.


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