About The Foodie Fashionista

Stella's restaurant opening

The Foodie Fashionista at Stella’s restaurant opening

Photos: Just me and my Nikon.

My parents are the ones who have influenced me the most in my life.  They have guided me in my path and have taught me a lot about the worlds we live in.  My mother is a pharmacist and homeopath.  For her patients who suffer from cancer or other ailments, she suggests a combination of natural and produced medicine.  My stepfather owned a branding company and in his retirement, he became a Tai Chi master who practices Qigong.  All of their lessons have passed onto me along with my journey of caring for the body are listed here in my postings to share.

My family’s cooking was a rich blend of Chinese, Vietnamese, and French.  However,  it wasn’t until a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer that I learned how to cook.  A small group of friends shared a Google document to see who was delivering which meal and to take her to chemo.

One male friend once laughed at my fridge which had champagne, white wine, a couple of cheeses, a fig compote, and foie gras.  I was traveling so much for my work as a fashion design director and had to entertain work clients that I always ate out.  At that moment, I realized how important food was.  Something that was purely social became something much more meaningful.  With the help of the internet, chef friends, home cooks, and lots of trial and errors, I now love to cook at home especially for people I love.  The best news came when my friend was declared cancer free!

These days, I cook up gluten-free and Paleo recipes at home when I’m not out.  I also love to take my own photos of interiors and of food.  Having a career designing and directing models in fashion shoots, I really enjoy being behind the camera and finding out the latest insider tips and food news.  Many industry people around the world have asked me for lists or favorite hot spots and so this is my way of sharing it with more people.

Please contact me should you like a review or article.

Things I love:

  • All things vintage because they tell a story.
  • Traveling the world and meeting people.
  • A strong belief in being kind to people.

Websites: Connect with me

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/thefashionfood



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