Food Plus Tai Chi Montreal

Espace 27 is the brainchild of the former Executive Chef of L’Express in Montreal where followers can find an unexpected fusion of food with Tai Chi.  Situated on the 3rd floor above his former restaurant, the chef turned master offers private Tai Chi lessons that seem to be more about life’s recipes.  The unique business model addresses the need to feed the body as well as the soul.

Mr. Chapoulie previously studied under the Tai Chi master Lew Yung-Chien and author of “60 Biscuits Chinois” (60 Fortune Cookies) and “Sentir que les poisons sont contents” (Sensing that the fish are happy).  Master Lew refused to accept money for his sessions but the two decided to do a barter exchange of lessons in Tai Chi with lessons in the kitchen.  In his life after L’Express, Chef Chapoulie decided to combine his lifelong passion of cooking with his newfound one for Tai Chi.

I had the opportunity to join the Chef-Master in shopping the Atwater farmer’s market for the best local ingredients while talking more about his venture at Espace 27.  We were going to be cooking two recipes that day which were chicken cacciatore as well as creating a clear soup.  As we prepared the ingredients in his kitchen, Mr. Chapoulie moved and directed with precision and feeling.  He stressed the importance of using almost every part of the meat, bones and vegetables so that nothing was wasted.  Excess fat was removed for the benefit of good health without compromising on taste.  I walked away with feeling that we weren’t just talking about food and Tai Chi but also about personal transformations.

Similar to his Tai Chi lessons, the Mr. Chapoulie uses his senses to see, to taste, and to feel when the food is ready.  Simple ingredients for simple truths.

Private lessons can be booked at:
Espace 27
3927 Rue St Denis
3rd floor
Montréal, QC H2W 2M1
(514) 935-2500


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