321 Juice Makes Healthy Living A Family Affair

Newly launched company 3•2•1 Juice is already making ripples on Twitter and through word of mouth ground marketing. Just a month old, they are quickly responding to customer feedback and adjusting their flavors.

The company started with founder Shannon Cook after she give birth to her first son. She was trying to juggle between being a busy new mom while still keeping her healthy habits like juicing. By prepping the fruits and vegetables ahead of time in assorted and carefully measured bags, she was able to have them ready for the week ahead. Devising a time and convenience saver sparked the idea for creating 3•2•1 Juice.

Juicing takes a lot of time with shopping, washing, and chopping up all of the ingredients. Many new juicer owners stop using their prized kitchenware after coming to that realization. 3•2•1 Juice solves that problem with their ready made packs created for special cleanses or just for healthy juicing.

3•2•1 Juice currently carries five juice blends. The whimsical names include Be Alkaline, Brain Food, Energize, Antioxidant Heaven, and Heart Healthy. One can also customize each juice pack by adding in an extra portion of the available ingredients to the blends. All of the fresh ingredients are from local and sustainable farms such as Underwood Family Farms. In addition to the Adult packs, they have also developed healthy kids blends that are in more kid friendly flavors and in smaller packages.

One of the challenges that the company has faced was tailoring the blends to all of the customer needs. However, being a new and small operation has its own advantages. It allows for a quick response to valuable customer feedback early in the game. The Energize is currently the most popular pack with kale, romaine, ginger, cucumber, and orange. Despite just a short launch, the company has already just revamped all of their blends and are excited to see which will become the new favorites.

At the moment, 3•2•1 Juice has a store in Simi Valley and they also deliver to most of the LA metro area. They are setting their eyes on opening a second location in the San Diego area with the hope of opening up juice bars within their shops. 3•2•1 Juice also offers up an easy subscription service for receiving deliveries of all of your favorite juice packs.

As juicing has grown from being a popular health craze to becoming a mainstream healthy lifestyle, this small company with lots of heart has big dreams. 3•2•1 Juice aims to be on store shelves across the country making juicing fun and easy for the whole family.


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