Bottega Italiana & Chuao Chocolatiers

Bottega Italiana may have started at Pike Place Market in Seattle but there are two busy locations here in San Diego.  One is in Coronado and the other is nestled under the Arc Light Theater at the UTC Westfield mall.  While Bottega Italiana is best known for serving up some creative gelato flavors such has Mojito and Panna Cotta, they are doing some interesting business partnerships with other vendors.

A representative from Bottega Italiana at the UTC Westfield stated that they are not new to teaming up with suppliers.  They are currently housing some products from Chuao Chocolatier  and are carrying pastries from a local bakery.  Chuao Chocolatier has decided not to renew their lease at the revamped and luxurious UTC Westfield mall.  Instead they will be shutting their doors in a month’s time and will be adding more products at Bottega Italiana.  This leaves them with two remaining locations.  One is in Encinitas which is their original location and the other is in Del Mar at the Del Mar Highlands shopping center.  Chuao Chocolatier fans can also purchase their products at other specialty retailers such as Whole Foods as well as Crate & Barrel.  Some of their unique flavors include using balsamic vinegar, maple and bacon, and honeycomb into their decadent chocolates.

Chuao Chocolatiers and Bottega Italiana both have a strong brand message of using only fresh and high quality ingredients.  Their products are also complimentary to one another in assortment and flavors.  With lean economic times, it seems like a smart decision for Chuao Chocolatier to team up with Bottega Italiana for hopefully a beneficial and sweet financial outcome.


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