Dishcrawl Carlsbad

photos: of Relm Wine Bar in Carlsbad

An adventure is never without some hiccups, improv, and quick thinking.  The Dishcrawl in Carlsbad started off on a June gloom evening at 7pm on June 12th.  The mystery first spot was at Gregorio’s in the Carlsbad Village Faire.

Diners were checked-in and given out name tags by the organizers of Dishcrawl Carlsbad.  With lots of first timers to Dishcrawl, seating was open like a casual wedding in California.  The food station was buffet style with a house signature eggplant parmesan, a pasta with vodka cream sauce, shrimp scampi, and a breaded chicken.  The service was friendly and quick to set up the Dishcrawlers with their drinks.  The foodie crawl was looking very promising.

The second stop was the bump in the road as Knockout Burger on Carlsbad Boulevard was not quite ready to serve a group of hungry people.  After a long wait, the group was instructed to walk to the next venue.  Like the story of Goldilocks, the third spot at Relm was the charm.  Relm on State Street was warm and inviting.  With a strong focus on local food and libation suppliers, Relm is a strong tie in the community fabric.  Dishcrawlers got to sample on crudité, a housemade hummus and a tasty spinach and artichoke dip.  True to their namesake, the spirit of Relm is relax, enjoy, laugh, more.

It wasn’t until late in the evening that the burgers and fries arrived from Knockout Burgers.  Unfortunately, there was not enough to go around for everyone to sample their food despite cutting up the burgers in halves or quarters.

Several Dishcrawlers ended up staying at Relm to finish off their glasses of wine or to watch the end of the hockey game.  A small group headed off across the street to the final spot of the night which was a family owned frozen yoghurt place named Swirlicious.  What set them apart from other fro-yo joints were the local toppings and unique ingredients.  Most of the yoghurts were gluten-free with their best seller being the sea salt caramel.  It was a much needed sugar boost to the end of a three plus hour evening.

With lots of smiles and cards exchanged, the best part of the Dishcrawl Carlsbad adventure was discovering fun places and meeting new people.


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