Best Day Of Your Life Thrillist San Diego

Thrillist San Diego kicks off the longest day of the year with a celebration to “The Best Day Of Your Life” adventure.

The longest day of the year marks an amazing Thrillist adventure that maps out some fun and popular spots in San Diego.  Be sure to download the itinerary on your mobile and check the times should you wander off or want to join in whenever you can sneak out of work.

Early bird Thrillist seekers start off the “Best day of your life” escapade surfing the waves for an adrenaline kick.  For the landfarer, the rush comes in a cup at Dark Horse or at Lestat’s in Normal Heights.

The feasting begins at The Mission in North Park to try out items like their famed papas loco and the Mexican hot chocolate.  They also have a great gluten-free menu where the bread is a delectable rosemary gluten-free option.  For those needing a faster fix, Cardamom Café bakes all of their breads and baked goods daily or harness your inner food god to tackle the massive portions at Hash-House-A-Go-Go.

Thrillist seekers can burn off the calories checking out Balboa Park’s The Hall Of Champions which is the nation’s largest sports museum before grabbing a cold one at the SD Brew Project.  Quick brewski hunters to track down Thrillist San Diego will receive their libation free of charge.  Next on the plan is the oldest bar in San Diego called The Waterfront with cheap and stiff drinks to wet your whistle and for some chow to soak it all up.  If the Little Italy patio gets too crowded with sun blockers, Craft and Commerce serves up refreshing cocktails and a fried chicken sandwich fit for any culinary guru.

There is no rest for the weary as the crawl spills onto the water at Adventure R.I.B. Ride for a high speed tour of the bay.  By 5pm, the socializing continues down to the Gaslamp at Taste and Thirst for their happy hour specials or Pacific Beach lovers can head to Dirty Birds to sample their house wings.

The “E” in evening also means East Village where Thrillisters can dine at a local favorite named Neighborhood which is known for their jalapeno mac ‘n cheese as well as the sweet potato fries.  Those lucky enough to reserve ahead can pop behind the secret wall to the hidden speakeasy.  For a more stiletto experience, Thrillist San Diegans can head to the lounge or up to the rooftop pool at Saltbox.

Watching the sun setting at the last stop at LOUNGEsix might be the end of the crawl but perhaps a beginning of new friendships with similar adventuring Thrillist seekers.  What happens after dark is uncharted.



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