Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company

Crab and Uni

Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company

Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company is a veritable staple at San Diego’s top farmer’s markets.  Fans can find the owner Mark Lane and his fresh seafood by checking out the locations page.  Be sure to come early as supplies run out quickly.

At the start of each market, the first hour is oyster happy hour with freshly shucked oysters at only $1.25 a piece.  The other draw is the fresh uni or sea urchin that can be taken home for sushi or pasta dishes.  For only a few more dollars, Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company will crack and clean them on site.  Unlike its spiky exterior, the inside of the uni is creamy, slightly sweet and smooth.  The uni has been described by devotees as ocean butter.

For the locations marked with (grill), the seafood and fish offerings can be grilled for sandwiches and tacos.  The owner announced yesterday that new items are being tested at the grill locations.  These may include whimsical “Scallipops” which are grilled scallops dressed up like sweet pops, clam chowder as well as clams and mussels sauteed in a spicy cream sauce.

For true seafood addicts, Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company offers up their Fishcription program which reserves seasonal seafood items for either $25(small) or $35 (large) boxes.  The seafood can be picked up at 11 locations with set times.  Items are available for weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis for 8 week commitments. The benefits include 20-25% off the retail pricing for fresh or frozen seafood.  In addition to trying out new seafood items, being a part of the program allows one to be a shareholder in helping to sustain our local fisheries and suppliers.

Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company goes beyond serving up fresh fish.  They a deliver a deep rooted joy for great customer service, a passion for supporting local communities for sustainable farming, and a love for healthy living.

Poppa's Fresh Fish Company

Fresh sea urchin


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