How Perbacco Generates Loyal Customers

The Foodie Fashionista

New Year’s Eve at Perbacco. The Foodie Fashionista with the owner Umberto Gibin.

Many years ago when I was living in San Francisco, I was promoted at work on a Tuesday.  Most of my friends were busy or couldn’t go out so I made a bee-line to a place I wanted to try named Perbacco on California Street in the Financial District.

When the hostess greeted me, I let her know that I just got promoted and wanted to celebrate.  She asked me if anyone was joining me but I said that I was just going to eat at the bar alone.  The moment I sat down, I heard a voice saying to me, “Congratulations on your promotion!”  The bartender was pouring me a glass of champagne.

It wasn’t until later on that I learned about the full story that night.  The hostess went to talk to the owner named Umberto Gibin.  She wanted to do something special for me or rather she said, “We have to do something special for her!”  They treated me like a special VIP guest when it was only my first time there.  The people around me also bought me drinks and one group invited me to their table.  The bartender who was named Scotty let me know that they were regulars and nice people.  I ended up joining that table for some dessert.

The following day, I was still smiling from thinking of the fun time I had at Perbacco.  I called up Rossi & Rovetti Flowers and sent over a tasteful floral arrangement thanking the restaurant for making my night so memorable.  Since then, I have hosted a private event there, spent countless visits to the bar and dining room, and have always recommended Perbacco to anyone looking for delicious Italian food and a great time.

Perbacco’s lessons on great customer service:

  • They treat everyone like a special guest.
  • The owner reads the Yelp reviews to his staff to recognize great servers or areas for improvement.
  • They view the success of the business as a whole team effort.
  • Consistency in excellent service.
  • The owner usually walks to all areas to greet each table and to the people at the bar.
  • Having a talented bartender with great personality.

Now that I have moved to San Diego, I still recommend Perbacco to any industry friends or people just looking for good eats in San Francisco.  I’ve had many good memories there and by reading the over 1300 Yelp reviews, so do many others.

Photo: Mr Gibin’s wife took the photo and we lucked out as he normally closes his eyes with the flash.  It was New Year’s Eve and my 3rd and final stop of the night before ringing in the upcoming year.


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