The First Ever Gluten-Free Keg In California By New Planet

The universe wants me to drink gluten-free beer by New Planet.

While I’m more of a wine bar kind of gal, I do like to kick it with a cold one now and again.  The universe was whispering to me about gluten-free beer and specifically talking about New Planet.  Sounds wacky but it’s true.  Here were the 3 signs:

  1. I was working on my gluten-free beer list and where to get it in San Diego.  New Planet was on my radar and of course made it onto my list.
  2. After posting my list on Twitter, a tweet came back in Twitterland and told me about this gluten-free New Planet keg party at Pandora’s Pizza.
  3. While chatting it up with a lovely friend in the pr industry, she connected me to someone connected to Cups La Jolla who does gluten-free cupcakes.  I had just picked up the Cups card at a farmer’s market to interview them.  Ok, I’m losing you here but stick with me on this.  The Cups curator is a cool industry connector who let me know about this New Planet gluten-free party.

Fast forward to July 2nd, I zip up to Pandora’s Pizza in Encinitas who was hosting the party with 20% off gluten-free pies.  They are rated as the best gluten-free pizza by San Diego magazine and happen to be on my San Diego gluten-free pizza list.  The eggplant with arugula is my favorite by the way.

Gluten-free pizza + gluten-free beer = Mmmm-aAGIC (insert toe curl)

New Planet brews sampled at the event:

  • Belgian Ale – ABV 5% honey, orange with some spice.
  • Pale Ale – ABV 5% crisp and rich with caramel.
  • Amber Ale – ABV 5% citrus and caramel finishes sweet.

*On my list to try is the New Planet Raspberry Ale.  Will this be my new gluten-free answer for the raspberry Lambic?  Will have to test this one out…you know, for research purposes only.

Gotta get one? Here is the NP beer locator.

New Planet made history that night as it was the first ever gluten-free beer keg party in California and I was there to witness it.  Thank you universe!

The FF Article got featured on the Examiner/Drinks Front Page News – Click to View the Examiner article: Examiner.Com

Examiner Drinks

Examiner Drinks Front Page News


2 thoughts on “The First Ever Gluten-Free Keg In California By New Planet

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